About Me

A Short Autobiography

William Fortune Dwyer III

Born:1973 NO,LA

"Tres" spanish for three (the magic #)

     I'm currently expanding my daily activities to incorporate more web based business ventures. I hope to generate supplemental income via the internet, make contact with a broader variety and larger number of people, as well as create a "Cyber Journal" I will be able to look back at and be proud of. This Web Portfolio was created as an assignment for a class at Longview MCC yet will serve as a starting point for another creative web outlet.

     I am enjoying working with the Internet and Digital Interactive Media. I have taken on the web design and maintenance of www.dripbusters.com for a friend of mine and look forward to learning new methods for working with the e-commerce driven pages. AutumnDentalcare.com is another web project I am currently working on and I am always looking for more clients to broaden my portfolio.

     In my spare time I like to play musical instruments, especially guitar and piano. I love the outdoors and you will frequently find me riding upon a board whether it be over the land, water, or snow. Some have deemed me as an adrenaline junkie but I believe I moderate appropriately.

     I hope you "the reader" finds the content within these pages interesting, inspirational and informative. We are blessed.